The term "Growth Hacker" was a self-applied title coined by Sean Ellis (a tech start up adviser & investor) in 2010.  He has frequently said he came up with idea has a means for hiring replacements for himself.  The skills he required were not that of a tradition marketer, but of individuals who would find every opportunity to help the business grow.

In this day and age, growth can come from many angles. Growth Hackers evaluate businesses and look for opportunities.  Most importantly, they ask questions.  A LOT of questions all centered around one, "How do we grow this business?"

Growth Hacking Is A Tech Thing.
Growth hacking is more about using the resources you have available and finding creative but effective methods to get more customers for your business.
As a result, you can be a talented growth hacker without typing a line of code if you can find other means to get customers to buy your products.
Growth Hacking Is Just A Buzz Word
Marketing has always been about growing a customer base. Growth hacking is about growing a customer base. Therefore, some assume that growth hacking is just a new name for an old concept, a phrase used to make the basics sound cool again.
Obviously, marketing is similar to growth hacking, and being a good growth hacker means learning from traditional marketing principles.
Growth hacking differs from marketing in that hackers are pushing to find the most innovative means to promote their products. Traditional marketers are more likely to pursue conventional methods, such as print ads and television commercials.
Growth Hacking Is A Simple, Fast Solution To All Your Company’s Problems.
Growth hacking involves an incredible amount of creativity to arrive at an effective hack, and the ability to test out a lot of hypothesis most of which will not succeed. There is nothing quick about it.
The problems stems from some people thinking that all you need to do is just get a Twitter account, maybe make a video and you are golden.
Just Make It Go Viral.
The problem with virality is that it is easier said than done. Even if you do get something to go viral, that doesn't mean higher sales or more customers.
While making a video or ad go viral might help you grow, there is no guarantee. Virality is a potential tool of a growth hacker, but it is not the only one.


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