The following six areas provide a comprehensive framework for developing an effective marketing plan. These areas are often referred to as the “6Ps” or the ‘marketing mix’:

Product: This covers the combination of goods and services that your business offers. It could include the following characteristics of your good or service: quality, variety, design, features, services, warranty, sizes, packaging, brand name and returns.

Place: How does the consumer access your product or service? Things to think about in this area include: distribution channels, coverage, inventory, transportation, logistics and retail outlet location.

Price: What approach will you take to pricing your product? Will you offer discounts or extended payment periods? What credit terms will you set?

Promotion: Refers to how you communicate with your customers. Most businesses use a mix of advertising, personal selling, referrals, sales promotion and public relations.

People: Your staff are ambassadors for your business. Think the following in relation to your staff: knowledge, experience, skills, communication, teamwork and attitude.

Process: The processes that you use in the day to day operation of your business have a flow-on effect on the customer's experience, even if it's simply ensuring that orders are effectively managed. Think about the following aspects of business operation: systems, quality control, planning, review, continuous improvement, documentation and feedback channels.


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